Brianna Manginelli, MS, CNS, LDN, DSS

Credentials + Training

Master’s in Clinical Nutrition, Maryland University of Integrative Health

Dietary Supplement Specialist Certification (DSS)

Areas of Expertise

Digestive dysfunction, fatigue, weight loss inhibition, chronic conditions, dyslipidemia, inflammation, pain, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and food intolerance. Additionally, she uses nutrigenomic tests as another supportive modality to personalize treatment plans, or simply promote optimal health in health-oriented individuals who wish to “get ahead” of potential health concerns.


Brianna is a Licensed Functional Nutritionist with a “let food be thy medicine” philosophy. Due to her varied experiences as an intern, in clinical practice, medically certified health club, and as a health educator in one of the top nutraceutical companies, she has dealt with a wide range of patient populations and medical conditions.

Brianna completed her Master’s in Clinical Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health and has worked under Ph.D. and DCN nutritionists taught by some of the best in the field of nutrition science. She continued to hone her skills by conducting health risk assessments at a Medically Certified Health Club and in the Nutraceutical Industry, where she earned a Dietary Supplement Specialist certification (DSS). 

Her first-hand experience of nutrition as medicine sparked a life-long journey into the world of health and wellness. Growing up with two older brothers with a genetic health condition, Cystic Fibrosis, she learned from a young age the amazing healing power of whole foods and functional medicine. What started as a shortened life expectancy (just 18 years old at the time) resulted in two healthy adults who thrive on whole foods and nutraceutical supplements instead of medication. 

After living in Hawaii for a few years, she unearthed her life purpose to leave a positive impact on the world by sharing evidence-based information and awakening people to the beauty of a holistic lifestyle! 

Brianna loves learning and is often expanding her knowledge through listening to audiobooks and attending webinars and virtual conferences in the nutritional and functional medicine field to keep up with cutting-edge research. In her free time, you can find Brianna spending time with her husband and three boys, hiking, kayaking, soaking up the sun and sand, listening to podcasts, enjoying mindful practices like meditation, and spending quality time with loved ones.

Brianna’s approach

Brianna considers all aspects of the patient’s life when helping them achieve their health goals by getting to the root cause of system imbalances through a thorough intake and functional testing when warranted. This results in a personalized wellness plan including nutrition, targeted nutraceuticals and lifestyle modifications. Her desire is to provide guidance and support in helping individuals figure out a pattern of eating that enables them to feel their very best both physically and emotionally.