Meet Jessica Miller, MD

Jessica Miller, MD – Medical Director
Integrative & Functional Medicine Specialist

My Philosophy

Optimal health is based on many factors and is exceptionally complex. Our health and well-being are dependent on the relationship between our genetic makeup, daily exposure to toxins, environmental allergens, emotional and physical stressors, gut health, and nutritional status.

My goal is to incorporate my traditional Western medical training in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with a more integrative approach. Traditional medicine typically treats the patient’s symptoms rather than diagnosing the root cause/s of the disease (illness). In doing so, we, as physicians, do not always address the underlying issues and driving forces for disease states. In many cases, it is not possible to completely determine the reason for a disease state. However, by altering factors such as diet, environmental exposures, gut health, and physical activity, it is possible to modify the severity of disease expression.


  • Member of ISEAI, International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness
  • A4M American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Completed CIRS Level 1 (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome)
  • Completed Bredenson RECODE 2.0
  • Board Certified in Integrative Medicine, American Board of Integrative Medicine, June 2019
  • Fellowship – Institute for Functional Medicine, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, 2018
  • Fellowship – University of Arizona, Department of Integrative Medicine, 2018
  • Residency – Harvard Medical School, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 2004
  • Internship – St. Vincent’s Hospital and Catholic Medical Center, 2001
  • Medical School – New York Medical College, M.D., 2000
  • Undergraduate –Washington University in St. Louis, B.A in Biology, B.S in Psychology, 1996


Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

  • Trained medical students and residents
  • Treated patients with:
    • Brain injuries, strokes, spinal cord injuries, polytrauma, amputations, orthopedic injuries, cancer, neurological disorders, spasticity, auto-immune diseases, cardiopulmonary issue
  • Pediatric Physiatry clinic for children with developmental delays and spasticity issues
    • Provided children with appropriate bracing, wheelchairs, and other adaptive equipment.

Member of the Houston Marathon Medical team

  • Treated runners by addressing issues relating to long-distance running, shoe wear, body mechanics, and musculoskeletal imbalances

Staff Physiatrist at the Methodist Rehabilitation Associates at Methodist Hospital in Texas

  • General inpatient consult service for patients with:
    • brain tumors, neurological disorders, auto-immune diseases, joint replacements, strokes, spinal cord injuries and other various rehabilitation diagnoses.

Physiatrist Central Jersey Rehabilitation Medicine at Healthsouth in Tinton Falls

  • Attended to patients in the Acute Rehabilitation Setting
  • Maintained a small outpatient practice with a wide scope of patients

I am trained in:

  • Nerve Conduction Studies/Electromyography (EMG)
  • Trigger point injections
  • Botox procedures for spastic patients
  • Prescription of prosthetics and orthotics

In my practice, I began seeing a significant number of patients with arthritis, auto-immune diseases, and musculoskeletal disorders that significantly impacted their quality of life.

Having always been interested in the role diet, exercise and environment plays in health, I have studied many hours of lectures in numerous areas of integrative medicine and decided to formalize my training through a fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.

Over the past several years, I have begun integrating my knowledge into my practice and have had success in helping refractory patients manage their symptoms and disease states. My goal is to give you the knowledge in order to control your health, rather than letting your health control you.

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