Fees & Insurance

Step 1 | 90 minutes | Initial Evaluation 

  • Prior to your session, your provider will spend approximately 60-90 minutes reviewing all your intake paperwork and previous lab work to formulate a pre-session plan. Your provider will map out what they suspect is driving imbalances in the body based on the data provided.
  • 90 minute intake with your provider reviewing all labs and intake paperwork. Patients receive a typed up action plan within 3-5 business days. This action plan will typically include diet, lifestyle, supplement and lab work recommendations customized to the patient.

Step 2 | 30 minutes | Health Coach Session (1-2 weeks after your initial evaluation)

As part of your initial evaluation, you will meet with your dedicated functional medicine health coach to review your action plan. The main goal of this session is to create a stress-free strategy of where to start and how to time everything to minimize overwhelm as you start out on your health journey.

Step 3 | 90 minutes | Lab Review

  • 90 minute in-depth lab review is approximately 4 weeks after initial session- this is dependent upon how fast the patient completes the suggested lab work
  • Portal support for 90 days for those who complete step 1 & 2

Step 3 | Choose a Program | Please contact our office for pricing

After your lab review, you will decide which program is best suited for your needs at this time. Patients who are supported, both during and in-between appointments, have the greatest success at getting well and staying well. For this reason, we created programs that offer our patients the expertise and customized functional medicine plan that your practitioner outlines for you along with the education and support of our functional medicine health coaches

A) MD/NP + Functional Medicine Health Coaching

  • Two- 60 minute sessions with Dr. Jessica Miller, MD or Alexandra Davidson, NP
  • Four- 60 minute functional medicine health coaching sessions
  • 15% Fullscript discount
  • Portal support for duration of the program

B) Functional Medicine Health Coaching Only with MD/NP add on as needed

Ideal for those seeking lifestyle and nutrition support and functional medicine education

  • Six- 60-minute HC sessions
  • 15% Fullscript discount
  • Portal support for duration of the program
  • Sessions with Dr. Miller, MD or Alexandra Davidson, NP, available as needed at the hourly rates listed below

C) Stand Alone Sessions-Only available once an above program is completed

*Please allow 3 business days for portal message responses, as we do not check the portal daily. Depending on the portal question, we may ask that you schedule a follow up with either Dr. Miller or a Functional Medicine health coach, if an in depth response is required.

**3 business day cancellation notice required. We appreciate your understanding, so that we may offer the appointment to other patients who are waiting.

*** Please have your paperwork completed at least 3 business days before your appointment. This is so we can prepare in advance and provide you the best care. If your paperwork is not completed in time, we will have to reschedule your appointment.

Insurance and Our Services´╗┐

Some of our patients have asked us why we do not bill insurance directly. While we fully understand the financial challenge this presents to some patients we have chosen not to bill insurance directly for the following reasons: 

Fusion Rehabilitative Medicine is not contracted with any insurance companies. This allows us to provide the kind of personalized service and dedicated time that our patients value and that is integral to holistic healthcare. Being part of an insurance network often means that priority is placed on high patient volume where doctors see 6-8 patients per hour. Additionally, we would not have the flexibility to offer our patients a therapeutic plan that integrates conventional and alternative approaches.

Most of our services are covered by PPO-type insurance plans as an out-of-network provider. While there are a wide range of plans and reimbursement rates, most of our patients with PPO-type insurance plans receive reimbursement for 50-80% of our service fees (after any applicable deductibles and/or co-payments have been met). HMO insurance will not typically cover our services.

Services may apply towards qualified medical expenses if you have a Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA) through your employer or a Health Savings Account (HSA). Please check with your insurance company regarding the specific percentages of coverage that apply to your particular insurance plan, and with your employer or accountant for details of your HCRA or HSA.

Insurance billing
You are financially responsible for all services rendered by our office at the time of the appointment, and will be reimbursed for covered services directly by your insurance carrier. You are advised to know your policy coverage and limitations. We do not provide follow-up on the claims and it is your responsibility to contact your insurance company for any required actions regarding outstanding claims.