Fees & Insurance

APPOINTMENT 1 | 90 minutes | Initial Evaluation | $750 Jessica Miller, MD

  • Prior to your initial evaluation, your provider will spend approximately 60-90 minutes reviewing all your intake paperwork and previous lab work and other pertinent medical information to formulate a pre-session plan.  Your provider will map out what they suspect is driving imbalances in the body based on the data provided.
  • This initial intake will also include a physical examination and other exams based on what you are coming in for.  Patients will receive their session summary/action plan before they leave the office and the finalized plan through the patient portal within 5-7 business days as your provider needs more time to put a lot of information together. This plan is customized to each patient and will typically include testing/lab work along with initial dietary and lifestyle interventions to start before your next follow-up visit.

APPOINTMENT 2 | 30 minutes | Health Coach Session | Included as part of your initial evaluation

1-2 weeks after your initial evaluation.  You will meet with your dedicated functional medicine health coach to review your action plan. The main goal of this session is to create a stress-free strategy of where to start and how to time everything minimizing overwhelm as you start out on your health journey.

APPOINTMENT 3 | 90 minutes |Lab Review | $750 Jessica Miller, MD

  • This 90-minute session is approximately 4-5 weeks after your initial evaluation. Some lab results may take up to 6 weeks to complete, depending on when the patient gets the blood drawn or the specimen collected.
  • Portal support for any questions about what was discussed during the session.

APPOINTMENT 4 | Choose a Program

After your lab review (step 3), you will decide which program is best suited for your health goals.

a. Two 60-min sessions with Dr. Jessica Miller
b. Four 60-min sessions with the Functional Medicine Health Coach
c. 15% Fullscript Discount
d. Portal support for the duration of the program

Ideal for less complex patients seeking lifestyle and nutrition support and functional medicine education
a. Six 60-min sessions with the Functional Medicine Health Coach
b. 15% Fullscript Discount
c. Portal support for the duration of the program
d. Sessions with Dr. Miller are available on an as-needed at the hourly rates below:


  • Jessica Miller, MD: $500/hour
  • Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach: $200/hour



We request a credit card on file for telehealth visits, incidental charges and missed visit fees, if ever applicable. Your card will never be charged without prior acknowledgment from our administrative team.  Office visit payments are paid in full at the time of service/appointment day. A $50 service fee and any additional bank fees incurred for bounced checks.


This report will be available after your provider completes your post-treatment patient notes, care recommendations and diagnosis codes. This reporting may take up to 7 business days. Upon request, we are happy to send you a copy of this report through your Fusion Patient Portal located under Invoices and Payments.


Fusion IFM does not charge for simple forms presented during your appointment; we will make every effort to complete the document during your session. We charge $15/form for simple forms and letters that are not completed during appointments and that do not require extensive chart review (forms for school, FSA prescriptions, referral forms, school/work excuse letters, jury duty letters, etc.) 

Some detailed forms and letters requested by insurance or external sources (i.e. prior authorization, disability, insurance, FMLA, legal documents) may require extensive review of medical records. In this case, Fusion may change to complete them, as cited above. You may be asked to schedule an appointment prior to completion of any form if you or your child has not been seen in the previous 12 months. 

Please allow 5-10 business days for all complex forms and letters.


Fusion IFM is an out-of-network provider specialist:

  • Fusion Integrative and Functional Medicine is not contracted with any insurance companies. This allows us to provide personalized service and dedicated time that our patients value and integral to holistic healthcare. Being part of an insurance network often means prioritizing high patient volume where doctors see 6-8 patients per hour. Additionally, we would not have the flexibility to offer our patients a therapeutic plan that integrates conventional and alternative approaches.
  • Most of our services are covered by PPO-type insurance plans as an out-of-network provider. While there are a wide range of plans and reimbursement rates, most of our patients with PPO-type insurance plans receive reimbursement for 50-80% of our service fees (after any applicable deductibles and/or co-payments have been met). HMO insurance will not typically cover our services.
  • Services may apply towards qualified medical expenses if you have a Health Care Reimbursement Account (HCRA) through your employer or a Health Savings Account (HSA). Please check with your insurance company regarding the specific percentages of coverage that apply to your insurance plan, and with your employer or accountant for details of your HCRA or HSA.


Fusion IFM is an out-of-network provider; all insurance claim and reimbursement processes are the patient’s responsibility. Payment for services is due at the time of the appointment and detailed payment receipts will be provided for each visit, which can be used for reimbursement from your insurance carrier or Health Savings Account (HSA). Fusion IFM will be happy to supply any additional documentation for reimbursement, but we do not directly interact with insurance carriers.