Resiliency and Recovery During the Pandemic

An informative video where Dr. Miller covers both food, lifestyle and supplement options for supporting ones immune system.

Here is a breakdown of when certain topics are covered:

2min    How fear is detrimental to our health leading to decreased immune function, decreased ability to detoxify and more to promote repair

5min    Resiliency –Risk factors that worsen our outcome with corona virus: diabetes, heart disease, low Vitamin D, low Secretory IgA, vaping/smoking

7min    Why does diabetes & high blood pressure increase your risk?

8min    What is inflammation?

9min    What is a cytokine and cytokine storm? It is not the corona virus that results in death

10:30   Post covid syndrome/Long haul: Healing the damage that was done to feel better 

11:45   The course of the virus, when you’re most infectious, 98-99% of people have a mild clinical case

13min  Testing options and possible limitations. Antigen vs. PCR vs. Antibody testing

15:45   Understanding branches of the immune system and how they react to foreign invaders. Once you make an antibody do you have it forever? 

17:45   Active immunity vs. passive immunity

19min  Mucosal Immunity: What probiotics, vitamins and minerals help improve the immunity in the gut. 

21min  Imbalanced gut leading to increased inflammation and impaired immune function. 

22min  Importance of medical mushrooms, astragulus, elderberry. When you want to avoid taking elderberry.

23min  Additional supplements to consider such as quercetin, EGCG found in green tea, NAC and resveratrol  esp with recovery and function in the lungs. 

24min  How obesity can play a role in worsening corona virus. Leptin resistance and oxidative stress

27min  Diabetes and COVID

29min  Genetic variations that make you more/less at risk for the corona virus

30min  Vaccine overview: Does it stop transmission?

35min  Could you have immunity to corona virus without showing antibodies?

37min  Dietary changes to prevent severity of disease

38min  Sleep: Why sleep is critical, tryptophan steal and neurotransmitter overview

40min  How to improve sleep and the downside to using sleep aids

42min  Exercise and how it applies to post covid recovery

43min  Ways to activate your parasympathetic nervous system 

45min  Post covid/Long haul syndrome

47min  Oxidative stress, liposomal glutathione and detoxification

47:30min  Supplement summary – when to stop calcium, methylation and helping lung tissue recover

51:45   Why is Vitamin D so important-preventing viral replication

53:45   Zinc & Copper ratios

56min  Optimizing Melatonin to quiet inflammation

57min  Additional supplements to consider

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