Tip #2-Your Skin is One Giant Mouth

A concept we work diligently with clients on is the understanding that our skin is one BIG MOUTH and most of what we slather on it goes into systemic circulation. Epsom salt baths(magnesium) can be particularly helpful for muscle aches, but most of what we’re absorbing through our skin is not solely magnesium.  In Functional Medicine we teach patients that we really shouldn’t put anything on our skin that we wouldn’t be willing to eat. We work closely with patients to help them to start fresh with their home, beauty & personal hygiene products, with this truth in mind.

A great app for quick reference on everything from baby food, sunscreen, shampoos, and household cleaners is EWG’s Health Living app, which will rate products from low to high hazard. you can scan barcodes while you’re navigating the aisles at Target for quick reference!

Read on for guidance on everything from hair color to toothpaste to root canals, lawn fertilizer and everything in between!

  • Purchase the most natural cleaning and other household products you can find.
  • Avoid spraying pesticides or herbicides in your home or property. Seek out more eco-friendly lawn treatments such as Mark, from Ecology Lawn, here in NJ.
  • For hair and other personal hygiene products (including shampoo and colors) look for products without alcohol, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, paraben, phthalates, or other petrochemicals. Check to see if there is an environmentally-oriented hair or nail salon in your area. 👉🏼Two organic hair salons we love in NJ are Clarity Hair Salon and Hair Potions and most nail salons carry Dazzle Dry.
  • Avoid using hair sprays.
  • It’s hard to avoid polycarbonate plastic because it’s ubiquitous. Unfortunately it also contains BPA. Examples are CDs, the faces of laptops, many toy parts, kitchen utensils, water cooler carboys, eyeglass lenses; it’s often identified as #7 in the recycling symbol on the product. Try to minimize exposure and in particular, using these against your skin, especially when warm and/or wet.
  • Avoid perfumes or other skin or hair care products that use synthetic fragrances (the word “fragrance” or “parfum” often indicates the presence of phthalates).
  • Use low-toxin make-up and skin creams (avoid products with: phthalates, parabens, propylene glycol, alcohols, artificial colors, and fragrances). In general, skin care products from health food stores without the above ingredients are a safer bet.
  • Consider using antioxidant creams on your skin: low solvent products with CoQ10, Vitamin C, and possibly DMAE and botanical squalene.
  • Avoid aluminum-containing antiperspirants and antacids. Since virtually all antiperspirants contain aluminum, it may be advisable to minimize or discontinue use. Choose a natural deodorant instead.
  • Try to avoid bottled water in soft plastic containers as the plastics often leach into the water. Don’t drink water from plastic water bottles that have been in a hot car or stored in a hot warehouse.
  • Get second opinions on root canals. Avoid if possible having 2 different metals in your mouth – but in particular in adjacent teeth.
  • Pick a dentist who is aware of healthy choices for the mouth—perhaps a more holistic or biologically oriented dentist who does not place new silver amalgam (i.e. mercury-loaded) fillings.
  • Avoid all toothpastes and dental treatments involving fluoride.

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