Controlling What You Can – RIGHT NOW. Tip #1 – Recycled Air & Toxins  

We focus so much on disease in the world of “healthcare”.  The truth is that sustainable health naturally repels disease.  It’s time we start focusing more and more on CREATING HEALTH.  Proactively.  Sustainably. In the next few newsletters our Integrative Nutrition Coach, Jessica, will be sharing our top 10 action items you can start implementing to CREATE HEALTH for yourself RIGHT NOW. 

These are in no particular order and when I meet with clients we customize the order depending on each person’s needs and what they are inspired to focus on. 

First Up! Get Fresh Air
Everyday.  Yes, even if it’s cold.  Or rainy.  Indoor air can become quite toxic due to outgassing from textiles, mattresses, chemicals, flooring and building materials.  This is especially true during the cold months.  And in our own homes! 

Quick Tips:

1- Short or Long- You choose! Even if it’s just a short 4 minute walk around the block or out to the edge of the parking lot and back- it’s SO much better than no fresh air at all.

2- Leave your phone (EMF’S) home. While you’re outdoors, leave your phone indoors.  Use the opportunity to shift your visual focus to the horizon to see and appreciate nature, the birds, the sky, all the sounds.  Take some deep breaths cleansing belly breaths.  Allow the exhales to be long and slow.  Stand or sit up straight, no phone (no EMF’S) glued to your hand.  All of this has you connect with your parasympathetic nervous system mode that allows digestion, relaxation, healing, fertility, and ease. More specifics on why engaging the parasympathetic nervous system is so important is reviewed in Dr. Millers video on Resiliency and Recovery during the Pandemic!

3- No energy to walk? Plan B. Some of our patients are dealing with being chronically ill for years, even decades, and some days cannot walk to the mailbox. In this circumstance something is better than nothing. Lower the heat, bundle up and open the windows in each room of the house for 10-20 minutes. Take this time to do gentle stretching, connecting with your body as you inhale and exhale (a key to detoxification is our breath!)

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