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We are deeply appreciative when our patients take the time and effort to leave a review about our Functional Medicine services on Google and other patient satisfaction sites. Last week, we were delighted to receive this review from Jane, who has been with us since 2020.


Jessica Miller, MD

I have been working with Dr. Jessica Miller since 2020 and I fully believe in the value of functional medicine and having a dedicated practitioner who will spend a full hour following up with you – not something you will find with most primary care physicians practicing conventional medicine.

Functional medicine provides a different approach in that it looks for root causes of disease instead of treating symptoms. Instead of putting a band-aid over the problem, Dr. Miller will use her extensive knowledge to suggest the underlying mechanism for the symptoms and will then prescribe targeted therapies to address the imbalances that may be present.

If you’ve been through the conventional medical system and have seen numerous doctors and haven’t made any progress with your health, I would fully recommend seeking out an alternative approach and seeing if Dr. Miller and her team can help.

Dr. Miller combines her passion for functional medicine with empathy and compassion for her patients, as she seeks to support the health of the whole individual. In between appointments with Dr. Miller, there is the option of meeting with a health coach in more frequent intervals to make sure you are staying on track with your health goals.

A health coach can be helpful to address any specific, smaller concerns such as questions about supplements or alternatives, questions about specific exercises, or even certain foods or diets. For me this has been a great experience.

Cortney Goodstadt, DPT, AFMHC

Health Coach Cortney Goodstadt has a calm and centered approach and a determination to bring unique solutions to each individual patient and meeting with her helps me feel on track with my health goals and makes me feel like I have a constant supporter in my corner who is rooting for me to take care of myself every day.

She will listen to your concerns and do research after your appointment to bring you suggestions on everything:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Sleep
  • Supplements
  • Emotional/mental support
  • Gathering patient-specific resources

Cortney is invaluable to discussing what health strategies worked, so I can continue to feel better and get stronger.

READ: “Five Reasons Why You Should Work with a Functional Health Coach” By Cortney Goodstadt

The great thing about functional medicine is that it grows with you. It is directed by your health goals and what are your most bothersome symptoms. They will start from there and begin the work of suggesting possible ways to improve your health and your life. Supplements are just one part of functional medicine and they can be highly supportive in many cases. But they aren’t the only healing modality that will be suggested to you.

I also like that you can pause your appointments at any time. The functional medicine practitioners, doctors and health coaches will not do the work for you – it’s up to you to use the resources they suggest, work on your health every day.

This is a very different approach and it’s important for people to understand that taking care of yourself is a lot of work–and it’s ultimately up to you. Having Dr. Miller and health coaches like Cortney to support me in my health journey has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Jane Frank |  Fusion IFM Google Review  |  May 2024

5 Reasons Why You Need a Functional Medicine Health Coach

By Cortney Goodstadt, DPT, AFMHC

If you’ve been on a journey to reclaim your health, you’ve likely encountered various approaches and professionals. From conventional doctors to alternative practitioners, the options can be overwhelming. Working with a Functional Medicine Health Coach can offer a unique and comprehensive list of integrative health benefits. Below, I’ve outlined five essential reasons why health coaching, particularly with someone specially trained in functional medicine, could be the missing piece in your holistic health puzzle.

1. Personalized Guidance Tailored to You

Imagine having a knowledgeable ally by your side, guiding you through the intricate maze of health optimization. With a health coach, specifically one trained in functional medicine, you gain 1:1 personalized health optimization guidance and recommendations tailored to your bio-individual body’s needs. This personalized approach ensures that you receive targeted guidance, maximizing the effectiveness of your health journey.

2. Cost-Effective Prevention

In today’s healthcare landscape, prevention is not just preferable, it’s often more cost-effective than treating illness once it arises. By addressing the root causes and underlying factors at play for symptoms or disease, you can avoid costly medical interventions in the future.

3. Enhanced Quality of Life

For people grappling with chronic conditions, like gut health issues or autoimmune disorders, improving quality of life is paramount. Functional Medicine Health Coaches possess a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the body, allowing them to address all facets of your health history. By piecing together the intricate puzzle of your health, we empower you to make targeted lifestyle changes that positively impact your well-being for the short- and long-term.

4. Sustainable Results

Unlike quick-fix band-aid solutions that provide temporary relief, a health coach equips you with the knowledge and tools for lasting change to protect your health against future disease risks. By elucidating the “why” behind your health struggles and crafting a sustainable plan, we empower you to take ownership and control of your health journey, rather than leaving it in the hands of traditional medicine.

5. Holistic Well-Being Optimization

Finally, a Functional Medicine Health Coach goes beyond symptom management to strengthen overall well-being. We promote vitality and resilience by focusing on controllable lifestyle factors that support healing rather than merely masking symptoms. With increased energy, reduced inflammation, and enhanced vitality, you’ll experience a newfound appreciation for the gift of good health. From personalized guidance to sustainable results, our goal is to provide you with the ammunition to defend your health for life! 

Why We Could All Use a Health Coach (Jane Brody – NYT)

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